Natural Ways To Treat Depression


It is not unusual for a person to look for all the possible treatments once a final diagnosis is obtained. Is there anything more than what you re offering me? Can I be cured of all of these? Are there much less expensive treatments available? What alternative treatments can you suggest?

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Foods That Helps Curb Anxiety



The food that we eat does not only provide us the essential nutrients necessary for growth, nourishment, and survival. They also have an impact on the treatment of diseases and the prevention of certain illnesses. Just recently, scientists have established that food intake and the type of food we eat have a direct effect on how our brain functions. This study was particularly relevant to anxiety disorders.

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Everyone Can Benefit from a Nutritionist’s Advice


Of all the types of counseling that can make a person live longer and stronger, nutritional guidance is arguably the most effective. For as little as $50 or so per consultation, anyone can get credible, actionable suggestions on how to improve their present physical condition and avoid a whole swarm of diseases later in life.

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An Overview Of The Different Holistic Healing Techniques


This article will discuss briefly the various healing therapies that are related to the balance of the body, mind, and soul. The goal of these therapies is to guide you into achieving a wonderful, light feeling –a feeling of balance, relief, and relaxation after a session. These therapies can be used alone but are mostly more effective when combined with other therapies. Learn these with your family and experience healing from the inside out.

As you read, observe how each healing technique works by utilizing one’s self-healing power instead of an external source.

  • Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. NLP is a powerful method of mind mastery that utilizes scientific methods to ‘fix’ the brain and evoke permanent behavioral changes. It is focused on the concept that reality is not permanent. Thus we can change our behaviors positively or negatively. You’ll know how much you’ll learn when you get to talk with an NLP practitioner. You can apply each of the NLP techniques to your everyday life.


  • Psychosomatic Therapy. This is a complementary healing technique that utilizes body-mind-soul communication to achieve its balance. It aims to increase self-awareness and emotional release by analyzing one’s face and body.


  • Yoga is an ageless practice of balancing the mind, body, and soul through physical postures. The yoga student and his teacher go into a flow that involves breathing and meditation in conjunction with slow, structured movements. The practice aims to produce a whole-body stretch and relaxation, and a calmness of the mind. Yoga therapy has been known to produce positive outcomes on a lot of health conditions. “Regular exercise helps you relieve stress and may help prevent or reduce depression. Aerobic exercise and yoga have been found to be particularly beneficial for reducing stress and improving mood,” says ADAA member Stephanie Kriesberg, PsyD.


  • Considered an ancient Asian therapy, acupuncture is done by inserting fine needles on the skin’s surface called trigger points to open certain energy channels of the body. The goal of stimulating these trigger points is to improve life force energy and blood flow and hasten to heal. It a safe process that improves one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


  • Qi Gong And Tai Chi. Pronounced as ‘Chi Kung,’ Qi Gong is an old Chinese practice that is done by consciously moving one’s qi or life force energy all over the body to improve health and promote a long life. A person who regularly performs Qi Gong is somewhat trained to voluntarily make adjustments to his breath, posture, and consciousness. By going through these movements, he allows life force energy to flow throughout his meridians, enhancing overall healing.

Taichi, on the other hand, is a sequel of Qi Gong. It teaches a series of organized movements that go by the principles of Qi Gong. These two practices have been found to alleviate depression, cancer, diabetes, and obesity effectively.



  • The principle of Reiki therapy focuses on channeling one’s energy in the body to produce relaxation and promote healing. The Reiki therapist lays his or her hands on a person’s problematic area that needs healing and transmits energy to this area. The person receiving this energy usually feels this energy in the form of heat. Reiki is a powerful Japanese technique that is done in combination with other treatments, medical and alternative, to speed up the healing process.


  • Chakra Balancing. Chakras are defined as wheels of energy. There are seven chakras in our body, and when these are blocked, there is no harmony in our overall well-being. Chakra balancing aims to open these chakra points to facilitate a better and smoother flow throughout our body. An ordinary person cannot do this balancing. It has to be someone who is blessed in feeling and influencing one’s life energy to heal the unwell person back to his healthy state efficiently. Positive results have been seen in people who have undergone repeated chakra balancing.


  • Mindfulness Meditation. “Mindfulness meditation practices are effective interventions, and sometimes for mild to moderate conditions—depression and anxiety—super-effective as front lines,” says Saundra Jain, MA, PsyD, LPC. Quieting the mind is the simplest description of meditation. This practice has been used in alternative and holistic healing for ages. It has produced profound effects on one’s body and mind, which often led to healing. When one meditates effectively, he can overcome his own emotional and mental stressors and is ultimately centered. He is calm within despite the chaos on the outside.


  • It is a holistic healing technique that utilizes homeopathy, nutrition, and herbal medicine to stimulate and enhance one’s healing mechanisms. It also utilizes unorthodox methods in diagnosing and treating physical abnormalities. Naturopathy is a better and safer alternative to Western medicine because it only uses non-toxic medications and supplements instead of pharmaceuticals with chemicals and unnatural substances.


  • Spiritual Healing. This is an energy type of healing that reaches to the soul level of a person. The healing practitioner attempts to ‘touch’ the person’s soul by influencing his self-healing process. Spiritual healing is particularly helpful for those who have old emotional blockages or problems associated with their spirituality. Ben Martin, Psy.D says, “Strong spiritual faith is associated with a reduced risk of depression. Spiritual faith can be found in the context of organized religion, or in something less structured, such as meditation.”


If you haven’t explored the holistic healing realm, you only need to give it a try. There’s no harm. Everything is natural. No negative side effects, either – only balance, peace, and healing of the body, mind, and soul.