Improve Your Mental Health Naturally


Whether it is anxiety, depression, or addiction, whatever you are going through, there are ways to cope with it. You can rely on clinical treatments administered by a psychologist, therapist, or counselor. You can also manage to do something yourself by changing your habits and improving your lifestyle as well. You can even maintain your diet, incorporate physical activities often, and visit places once in a while to get a new perspective. The ways to help and sustain your mental health are endless. You need to look for the ones that suit your convenience and life choices. But it is also essential to note that different methods work with different people. So as you try these methods, make sure you tailor them to whatever that works for you.

Ways To Do It

Listen To Depressing Music

Yes, it is kind of weird to engage yourself in depressing music. It is counterintuitive, and there are chances that it will make you even sadder. However, the idea behind the practice is therapeutic. That instead of bottling up and suppressing emotions, listening to depressing music helps you express them. There is a significant healing effect in it, especially if it reaches the point where it makes you want to cry. Crying itself is not what you have to take in, but rather the boost of mood after the emotional crisis.


Take A Break From Social Media

It’s easy to point a finger to social media as it continues to affect every people’s mental health. You know its primary goal is to connect people across the world. However, most of the time, it also makes you feel lonely. That’s because depression takes its toll on the platform. According to Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, “We don’t always know causation in psychology — especially without being able to measure something for a long time — but there are a lot of correlational studies that are pointing to social media and digital phone use.” Social media somehow encourages you to engage in a kind of life that bases on outside reality. There’s this internal comparison taking place whenever you see other people’s highlight reels. Therefore, having a break from social media helps you achieve digital detoxification. Just take a day or a few hours away from it so you can start reconnecting to yourself.

Gratitude Journaling

“Instead of spiraling downward into increasing anxiety and depression, we’re able to stop that spiral and respond in a more appropriate fashion,” says Saundra Jain, MA, PsyD, LPC. Gratitude journaling is not that revolutionary. However, the process contributes to achieving improved mental health because there’s the knowing of what to do. There’s the practice of putting things in place especially when there’s integration in your life. It’s not time-consuming. You only got to write a few sentences of specific things you are grateful for. Not only it does help in fighting anxiety and depression; it also retrains your brain to focus on things that matter most. There’s this focus on the goodness and learning of how you view the world.

Re-label And Refocus

Any challenges when it comes to mental health, you often work on ways to escape the effects of the mental illness. Sometimes you go binging, eating, smoking, drinking, or anything that you temporarily need to surpass the condition. In unfortunate cases, these are typical behaviors that trigger a destructive cycle. With this, relabeling and refocusing thoughts and actions become handy. Because when it comes to mental health, the last thing you would want to do is to best deal with it naturally. Therefore you need to determine the factors that cause your mental illness. From there, label them from highest to lowest priority. Once you already set up an order, focus on resolving issues one by one.


Shifting Perspective

When you are anxious, stressed, and depressed, the focus of mental health appears inward. It traps you in a loop where you will experience hardships in healthily dealing with things. But when you shift your attention outside yourself, significant improvements happen. Whether it is doing services for others, it creates a powerful positive effect on your emotional and mental aspects. There is no need to do extravagant action because even the little thing you do for people can go a long way. It will also make you appreciate yourself as well. Audra J Lee LMFT advises, “take a mental health day, take time off from work and refuel & recharge, whatever that looks like for you personally.”

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Handling things your own is difficult, but there’s no reason for you not to try. You will grow and learn as you go on with your life. Yes, there are bumps on the road. But as long as you aim for the betterment of your mental health, things will naturally go your way.