The Fuss About Juicing


When it comes to beverages, pretty much anything in a can or bottle is bad for you. Last time that I was in a supermarket and thirsty, the only options for a cold drink were beer, soda and juice. Soda is something no-one needs to put into their bodies. It was a little early for beer, so I chose something that the label cheerfully informed me was orange juice. Water, for whatever reason, wasn’t sold chilled.

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The Orgone Myth

The Founder of the Orgone Movement

Wilhelm Reich had a knack for annoying people. Alternatively, he possessed the courage of his convictions but expressing them made him unpopular. A student of Freud, he emphasized the role of sex in psychology to a much greater extent than ever before. His advocacy of adolescent sexuality and contraceptive use made him few friends in Catholic Austria. Even so, much of his early work became influential in psychoanalysis. Likewise, he is much less famous today than many of his contemporaries.

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Salubrious Salads


Good health starts with a good diet. Supplements, medication and other forms of treatment should only really come into play once nutrition through food has failed. Adding raw mixed plant matter, otherwise known as a salad, to a daily eating routine is something anyone can do. It costs little and can entail a surprising number of health benefits. While not everything that has ever been said about the benefits of raw foods is true, some nutrients are indeed better absorbed through eating raw fruit and vegetables. Neglecting this aspect in a diet can easily leave a person with a vitamin deficiency or an immune system that’s less stronger than it should be.

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Osteoporosis And Lifestyle


Few things are scarier than the idea of a body that was previously in sound health, can one day be discovered to be slowly betraying its owner. Osteoporosis is one of these conditions, wherein years of unnoticeable neglect can suddenly occur and prevent those afflicted from living their lives as fully as before.

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Sweet Things Are Made of Teas


Long before capsules, dermal patches and injections existed. Poultices, powders, and tinctures derived from plants were used in much the same way. Although the curative power of such natural extracts has long been regarded by the medical profession as marginal or fringe science, a variety of herbal teas are now receiving increasing attention.

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The Mangosteen And Its Awesome Benefits




One of the more expensive fruits that are popular these days is the mangosteen. It is actually more talked about than our usual mango, but a few years back, most of us have never heard of it. It’s a round fruit that has a hard, red purplish colored shell with white pieces of flesh that are sweet and delicious. It can be found in tropical countries like Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines, as it grows in relatively warm temperatures. But what of it? Can it give natural cures? How different is it from the other equally tasty fruits that abound the Orient? Let us learn more about the mangosteen fruit and how they have amazed many by its awesome benefits.

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