Top 5 Antioxidant-Rich Foods And Its Benefits


We often hear our friends say that eating foods rich in antioxidants will help ward off cancer cells or free radicals within the body. Is this true? Well, it is one of the perks of regularly eating foods that are antioxidant-rich. It doesn’t mean though that if you already have cancer, eating these foods will make the cancer go away in a snap. The point here is that if you eat these foods early on, the onset of cancer might be prevented.

Anyway, eating foods rich in antioxidants do bring a long list of benefits for your health. Foods are rated according to ORAC score or Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity. It means that for every 100 grams of food, it eradicates the free radicals within its immediate environment in a certain capacity. This measurement was established by the National Institute of Aging.


Moving on, here are the top 5 foods filled with antioxidants with a brief explanation on how it can be beneficial for the body.




They call this a super fruit which originated from China and often termed as the “wolfberry fruit”. This is one of the healthiest dry fruits from nature and has the “ability” to relieve people of certain physical and mental ailments like depression, anxiety, diabetes, and hypertension, among others. To add, it is high in protein and fiber with more than 20 vitamins and minerals to boot. Goji berries make a great snack food.


  1. DARK CHOCOLATE (21,000 ORAC score)


Finally, a delicious food that’s officially healthy that is if you eat 75% to 80% dark chocolate. You must consume this food in moderation because 100 grams of it contains about 600 calories plus a heavy amount of Manganese, Copper, Iron and Magnesium. It is known to lower blood pressure, regulate cholesterol levels and lessen the chances of contracting cardiovascular illnesses as it clears up the skin.


  1. PECAN NUTS (17,000 ORAC score)



Pecan nuts are known to benefit the skin and hair. Aside from that, pecan nuts are used to promote a feeling of fullness and increases the metabolic rate. This makes the nut a great weight loss food. Heart diseases and stroke risks are reduced, thanks to pecan nuts. Moreover, it is anti-aging, strengthens the bone and teeth, boosts the immune system and so much more.


  1. WILD BLUEBERRIES (14,000 ORAC score)


There are three components that make wild blueberries a super fruit – its fiber content, manganese content and of course, the antioxidants it contains. Eating a cup full of this fruit will provide 25% of your daily need for Fiber, as well. This means reduced risks for Type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular illnesses.


  1. ELDERBERRIES (14,000 ORAC score)



The best thing about elderberries is that it is an antiviral herb. There are proofs that this berry has been used during the prehistoric times to cure common ailments. It can also protect your body from cough and colds, can help with sinus problems, will lessen blood glucose levels, normalizes urinary tract health, controls allergic reactions, boosts skin health, relieves constipation and is also an anti-cancer food.


If you eat foods that are rich in antioxidants regularly, it will certainly be a great way to power up your body. Prevention is better than cure and it will be for your benefit if you can try to stop a disease from developing before it starts. Eating foods rich in antioxidants will give you that advantage.