Privacy Policy

Welcome!’s primary policy is to respect the confidentiality that you undoubtedly want us to provide to the personal information that we may collect from you while visiting our website. This Privacy Policy aims to explain the things that we might need to gather, as well as how we will be able to use them.


Instead of collecting personally identifying information, we concentrate on obtaining the similar details that most servers provide, including browser type, language preferences, and referring site. We also take note of the date and time when every visitor comes to the site, as well as the length of their browsing activity. Our goal is to understand why people frequent this website and what topics entice them to do it. We also monitor your internet protocol (IP) address so that: 1) we will know where the viewers who want to leave comments on our posts originate from; and 2) we can eliminate likely SPAM attacks.

External Links

There are times when we add third-party links from websites that we do not operate. Clicking a source entails that you do not mind getting redirected to a web page that belongs to another domain. However, if you wish to avoid coming across sites whose practices or other existing content might not suit your beliefs, you should check out their Privacy Policy first. Doing so gets rid of the possibility as well of anyone holding up responsible for the policies that reign over third parties.


In case you think of a question regarding this Privacy Policy,  please use our contact page