Reducing Work Burnout Without Relieving Your Position



Are you exhausted with work that you feel like you’re on the brink of breaking down?

Working in a physically draining, harsh environment with unreasonably heavy workload can make a person unhappy to the point of depression. A phenomenon like this is often regarded as work burnout. No matter how you try to cope and tell yourself all the reasons why you are doing your job in the first place, eventually, something inside of you will snap and you will find yourself unable to function accordingly.

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The Science and Psychology of Conquering Speech Anxiety



Does public speaking make your heart race? Do you feel like fainting whenever you think of how near the days are before addressing a huge crowd? Does your gut twist and turn to the point of vomiting? And amidst all these, is your mind on the brink of exploding by rehearsing different scenarios of how you can mess it all up?

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Top 5 Antioxidant-Rich Foods And Its Benefits


We often hear our friends say that eating foods rich in antioxidants will help ward off cancer cells or free radicals within the body. Is this true? Well, it is one of the perks of regularly eating foods that are antioxidant-rich. It doesn’t mean though that if you already have cancer, eating these foods will make the cancer go away in a snap. The point here is that if you eat these foods early on, the onset of cancer might be prevented.

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Awesome Foods That Will Keep You Disease-Free



The World Health Organization announced that cancer is still among the leading causes of mortality, owing to the 8 million cancer deaths documented in 2012. Apparently, a large portion of these deaths are associated with improper diet and lifestyle routines, which include not getting the right nutrients from fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. Second to cancer is heart disease, and following that are hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, with unhealthy diet being a contributing factor for all.

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5 Foods That Are Not Healthy At All



You eat this and that because you think that it’s healthy and nutritious. Well, you may have been eating a lot of “wholesome” foods, but in reality, it’s not really healthy at all. Your local grocery store may confuse you even more because they are focused on sales and not telling you the real deal.

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The Perks Of Going Organic



My family owns a farm in our hometown. Before, it used to be a sugarcane farm and you won’t see any other plant except for some few palm trees lining the roads. We used to go there just to take a breather from the city life and we would buy food and fruits that we see along the way. After a few years, that farm is now transformed into a beautiful plantation of fruit trees and root crops and a generous land spared to grow organically fed pigs and chickens.

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Google As A Health And Wellness Tool



If there is one way to annoy an M.D., veterinarian or nutritionist, it is to start a sentence with “I saw on the internet that…” No, you didn’t. You saw something which you are not equipped to interpret or understand, out of context, from an unreliable source. This is why you are willing to pay money for the services of someone who has actually spent years and thousands of dollars to gain the scientific knowledge necessary to give credible advice.

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Eating To Defeat Anxiety




Anxiety attack help is still seen by many as popping a Valium, or perhaps breathing into a paper bag. While such actions may be effective at the time, one has to wonder if it is not also possible to avoid or diminish anxiety or panic attacks, without the person at risk being forced to avoid stressors or otherwise constrain their daily activities. This is a good resource to keep in mind when doing research on anxiety is here:


As it happens, the answer is not just probably, but definitely “yes”. Exercise, meditation of various types and cognitive behavioral therapy have all been shown to be effective ways of managing both the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks. On a physical level, just like exercise (particularly aerobic exercise) stabilizes hormone levels and improves metabolism, good nutrition also impacts the brain in a very direct sense. This means that a person’s mood is more stable and they are less likely to spiral into an uncontrollable, physical fight or flight state.

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