The Mangosteen And Its Awesome Benefits




One of the more expensive fruits that are popular these days is the mangosteen. It is actually more talked about than our usual mango, but a few years back, most of us have never heard of it. It’s a round fruit that has a hard, red purplish colored shell with white pieces of flesh that are sweet and delicious. It can be found in tropical countries like Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines, as it grows in relatively warm temperatures. But what of it? Can it give natural cures? How different is it from the other equally tasty fruits that abound the Orient? Let us learn more about the mangosteen fruit and how they have amazed many by its awesome benefits.

Though the newer generation just got to know this small but powerful fruit, the mangosteen has already been widely used in Southeast Asian countries a few centuries ago. Fact and fiction stories were coming out from nowhere about the mangosteen but these were never really taken seriously. However, through comprehensive studies and newer discoveries, the amazing benefits of this super fruit have garnered much appreciation and accolades from homemakers, entrepreneurs, and even medical health professionals.


What’s in the fruit?

The mangosteen has a long list of benefits:

● Anti-inflammatory
● Anti-cancer
● Relieves asthma and other upper respiratory problems
● An effective laxative
● Combats fatigue
● Mood and energy booster
● Improves the immune system
● Prevents hypertension
● Antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral
● Skin enhancer
● Prevents kidney stones
● Prevents Parkinsonism
● Sharpens memory

There are about 20 more of these benefits, but the question is: why does mangosteen heal, improve, prevent and alleviate disease? It is because of its main components, the Xanthones. These are biologically active chemical compounds that can be seen in huge amounts and which possess different specific functions. Xanthones have been found to have more powerful antioxidant properties than vitamin E. Two of the most potent Xanthones that are found abundantly in mangosteen are Alpha and Gamma-mangostin, which have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties.




Aside from these Xanthones, the mangosteen is also filled with catechins, natural compounds that are believed to be five times more potent than vitamin C. These and other equally powerful compounds such as polysaccharides, quinones, polyphenols, stilbenes, and B vitamins make up the mangosteen’s sought-after healing qualities.

Ways to Benefit from Mangosteen

When you get a taste of this super fruit, you’ll want to consume more. The inside flesh tastes soft, sweet, and delicious when ripe. Another great way to enjoy it is through juicing. The rind is an essential part of the juicing process. It is actually not edible but is oozing with health benefits once it is included in the extraction. Some of the proven benefits of juicing mangosteen are improved immune system, acne prevention and cure, and brain function enhancement. It is best to consume the juice after eating a full meal.

The leaves, rind, and roots of the mangosteen can also be utilized and enjoyed in the form of tea. Drying and then boiling these parts releases its antioxidant properties. This type of method is much preferred by the older generation. The taste can be more appreciated by mixing honey or a little sugar. This super fruit can be purchased in tea bags, powder or capsules. Try and reap its awesome benefits to your physical and mental well-being.