Age Is But A Number – And A Feeling



Through several studies through the years, the saying ‘you’re only as old as you feel’ has proven to be true. Researchers discovered that older adults who had a positive outlook and were full of hope in life had more than 40% likelihood of completely recovering from a moderate to severe disability compared to those who had negative thoughts about aging. The former was also found to have a slower decrease in their capacity to perform activities of daily living, like bathing and other self-care tasks. Now experts are considering that this concept may be worth looking into.

An Assessment On Aging And Recovery

A study was done on 500 individuals aged 70 and older that were regularly surveyed and interviewed about how they see themselves when they grow old. This study went on for 11 years.

Initially, not one participant was disabled, but later, everyone needed help with his or her basic daily activities like dressing, walking, and bathing. Some participants were severely disabled, while others only had mild disabilities. In the middle of their study, they were asked to answer the question, “What are the five words or phrases that enter your mind when you think about old people?” The outcome was strongest for seniors who were severely disabled, 44%, which had a higher likelihood of recovering fully from their disabilities.



There are, of course, a lot of factors that may affect the extent to which an individual heals from disability. The study showed a secure connection between older adults who had a positive outlook and perception about aging and those who were severely disabled but healed completely compared to those who were negative stereotypes.

Positive Vs. Negative Attitude On Aging

Indeed, positive perception about growing old may help seniors recover from disability and improve independent living in different ways, according to researchers. Among the most common ways is psychological. When someone’s attitude towards growing old is that his health does not depend on his age but how he manages it, the outcome is overwhelming. For instance, seniors who believed that they don’t feel old and weary might probably live a healthier lifestyle, consistent with their doctor’s visits, and take their medicines religiously.

On the other hand, those who had negative and pessimistic views about themselves growing old may have difficulty adjusting to old age, as they don’t feel that they are in control and that their health depends on what they do. Additionally, these types of seniors are also most likely to suffer from more stress, unable to overcome their problems quickly, and tend to be diagnosed with heart diseases and other chronic conditions. Researchers finally concluded that they needed to change their attitude for the better and see aging as a positive rather than a negative event that happens to everyone.




Are you among those who think that when they age, they become withered, useless, and unlovable? Stop the nonsense! You must learn to change your negativity into positivity to move forward and grow old gracefully. How do you do that? How does one achieve and maintain a positive attitude? You can begin by acknowledging the fact that nothing is permanent in this world. When we have done that, then it will be easier to find the silver lining in the experiences that you will go through. See the good in every situation instead of focusing on the bad. Enjoy your journey to getting older!