5 Foods That Are Not Healthy At All

Source: simplemost.com


You eat this and that because you think that it’s healthy and nutritious. Well, you may have been eating a lot of “wholesome” foods, but in reality, it’s not really healthy at all. Your local grocery store may confuse you even more because they are focused on sales and not telling you the real deal.

You know what, it’s very easy to distinguish a health food since these types of food are usually very simple and require little to no preparation at all. Want a healthy snack? Go to your backyard and pick a red apple from the tree. Wash it and take a bite. That’s it!

Are you looking for a power breakfast meal? Toast a slice of whole wheat bread and boil an egg – it’s that simple! The process is super easy.

Anyway, this article is all about exposing those foods that are labeled healthy, but screams crap! A little bit of explanation also comes with it as to why it’s a lie.


Sports Drink and Flavor-Enhanced Water

Source: consumerreports.org

Your favorite celebrity is endorsing a sports drink brand and you think, “Hey, I should drink that too!” The problem with sports drinks is that the beverage is being offered at low calories. Usually, when a food is low calorie, then, it has no nutrient to offer. Also, it is filled with flavoring and sweeteners (sugar, people!) which can promote tooth decay and added weight. How healthy is that?

If you really want something healthy and beneficial for you, then, opt for water. It will hydrate you and nourish the body as well. Adding lemon, lime, orange, calamansi, grapefruit and other citrus slices, juices and zest to the mix will make the water flavored naturally. Now, this has real nutrients!


Trail Mix

Again, there is a great deal of difference if you create your own trail mix from scratch compared to buying it from the grocery. Why? Grocery-sold trail mix pouches contain milk chocolate, salted peanuts, pretzels and “yogurt” dipped nuts. It’s not really yogurt, but sugar!

How to make your own nutritious trail mix? Mix unsalted nuts like almonds, walnuts and cashew, and dried fruits like raisins or prunes, and unsalted seeds like sunflower seeds. Some even put Chia seeds. Also, one serving is a handful or about ¼ cup. So stick with that.


Veggie Chips

Source: youtube.com

Many believe that veggie chips are healthy. The thing is that these chips are processed and because of that, the nutritional value of the veggie has been stripped off. Nothing can compare to raw or lightly cooked vegetables if you are keen on healthy eating. Unsalted popcorn, baked corn chips, seeds and nuts without salt are your best alternatives – if you’re craving for crispy snacks.


Commercial Smoothies

What is inside that smoothie cup? Fruit, check! Ice, check! Milk, check! Flavoring, check! Sugar, check! It can’t be that healthy. Instead of drinking the grocery-bought smoothie, eat a raw fruit instead. Or if you are looking for a healthy drink, whip it up in your kitchen by using all-natural foods. Just limit the sugar to half a teaspoon (or less even) per glass of smoothie, though. Can you handle that?


Low-fat or Nonfat Foods

Source: diet.lovetoknow.com

This is very misleading. When a food is low-fat or non-fat, it generally means – I’m processed and I’m queen of preservatives. Usually, foods like these contain huge amounts of salt, sugar, and chemical additives. And true, that’s not healthy at all.

There are lots of low-fat foods which are nutritious like fruits and veggies. This is not the same with processed low-fat or non-fat foods. The food being talked about here are those non-fat yogurts, low-fat cheese, or low-fat peanut butter, among many others. In all honesty, it will be better if you eat the regular yogurt, the fat-filled cheese, and home-made peanut butter. At least, even if it may have a high amount of fat in them, it’s still very nutritive.


While it’s important to keep track of your health food intake, it is also equally necessary to watch out for your mental health. Processed foods can promote bad mood, stress, anxiety, and depression because of its sugar, and preservatives or additives content.