Eating To Defeat Anxiety




Anxiety attack help is still seen by many as popping a Valium, or perhaps breathing into a paper bag. While such actions may be effective at the time, one has to wonder if it is not also possible to avoid or diminish anxiety or panic attacks, without the person at risk being forced to avoid stressors or otherwise constrain their daily activities.

As it happens, the answer is not just probably, but definitely “yes”. Exercise, meditation of various types and cognitive-behavioral therapy have all been shown to be effective ways of managing both the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks. On a physical level, just like exercise (particularly aerobic exercise) stabilizes hormone levels and improves metabolism, good nutrition also impacts the brain in a very direct sense. This means that a person’s mood is more stable and they are less likely to spiral into an uncontrollable, physical fight or flight state.  “Activity scheduling entails creating a plan, say, Sunday night, for the week where you plot out times to be with people, take exercise classes, work on projects, etc. Often, people wait until a mood or motivation moves them. Rather than waiting for those tenuous experiences, I urge people to be proactive and follow their values. Don’t wait to feel better, but start to live better now.” Jennifer L. Taitz, PsyD, LA-based clinical psychologist said.

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The Quickest Ways To Get Rid Of Depression



As far as long-term recovery goes, talk therapy in a variety of modes offers the best option, with around 90% of depression patients responding positively to treatment. This is unfortunately of little use when I can’t find a good therapist near me, or if I need to get back on track as quickly as possible and get on with my life.

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